All of Clover's features are specifically
crafted for the church.

Clover's features
are specifically crafted
for the church.


Enjoy a tour of our most popular features.

What we've created will completely change the way you think about your church website.
From beautiful front-end site designs, to our incredible content management system, see what sets Clover apart.

All our websites are
beautifully designed.

Each site design has been created with you and your ministry in mind. We've handcrafted each detail — from the way colors interact, to uniquely designed layouts and navigation.

See our site designs

Your website should
reflect your vibrant ministry

Every church is different. So it's important that your website conveys the unique character, style and vision of your ministry. With what we've created, you'll never be stuck with a template that doesn't reflect your church.

Enjoy a stunning mobile experience.

With nearly 50% of all web browsing happening on phones and tablets, having a great experience on mobile is more crucial than ever before. All websites from Clover are responsive — which means they look amazing on anything, anywhere, anytime.

Section-based editing.

You can have different types of content on any page of your website, and even add unlimited sections to any page. Quickly rearrange sections by just dragging and dropping. With this incredible new way of editing, we've kept things simple, while giving you complete freedom to create and customize everything.

Integrate online giving to help your church grow.

Let Clover Give fund your vision. Convenient giving options encourage first time givers and allow faithful regulars to give more easily and consistently. Your congregation can reach out from wherever they are (website, text-to-give, kiosk, recurring, etc.) and support the worship and work of your church. Churches on the Clover Give platform see an average increase of 32%.

With Clover Give, there’s no additional fees, no surprises, and no “oh yeah, everyone pays that fee.” It’s all right here. We’re not going to tack anything on.

And of course, it's really easy to add Clover Give anywhere on your website.

Learn more about Clover Give


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Share your message and have it heard.
Anywhere. Anytime.

We've created the easiest way to get your messages and other media onto your website — with just a few clicks. Our media player is beautifully designed and fully responsive so you can reach your people with your message wherever they are.

The Greenhouse® was built so that
anyone can create & manage a website.

The Greenhouse® allows
anyone to create & manage a website.

Everyone says that their content management system is easy. But when it comes down to it, you still have to be a designer to make it look good, or you have to hire a programmer to figure it out. We built the Greenhouse with real people in mind. So with our Easy and Advanced Modes, editing your site is both incredibly simple and remarkably flexible.

Demo the Greenhouse

Made for your ministry, no matter what size it is.

Church plants have a very different set of needs than a mega-church. And there's obviously everything in between. We don't believe that there's such thing as a one-size-fits-all website solution, so Clover was created to solve your essential online needs, and grow with you as your needs and vision increase over the years.

Of course there's a lot
more to highlight.

  • Unlimited storage

    Unlimited Storage

    Never worry about running out of space for content, or getting charged extra to add additional pages or more media to your website.

  • Multiple users

    Multiple Users

    Invite others to help create or update your website. They'll have their own account, and you can individually control their level of access.

  • Media player podcasting

    Media Player

    Putting messages online has never been easier. Upload and stream your messages as audio or HD video right from your website.

  • Photo editing

    Photo Editing

    Effortlessly place and resize your photos. Every photo is automatically optimized to be pixel-perfect for your website on every device.

  • Seo optimized

    SEO Optimized

    The Greenhouse does all the complicated, technical work for you to best optimize your site for search engines like Google.

  • Font color control

    Font & Color Control

    Customize your website to match the look and feel of your church with font and color palettes, as well as individual controls.

  • Section based editing

    Section-Based Editing

    Instantly add, remove, or edit sections of content on any page. Rearranging things is as easy as dragging and dropping.

  • Gallery sections

    Gallery Sections

    With expansive areas for photo slideshows, you can beautifully showcase what's happening at your church or ministry.

  • Online donations

    Online Donations

    Create and customize your donation forms and embed or link to them on your website. Learn more at

  • Staff sections

    List Sections

    Make a staff page for your church (and a lot more). You can choose from a traditional list format, or a more modern grid layout.

  • Custom css

    Custom CSS

    For those with advanced skills, you'll soon be able to add your own custom CSS and really fine tune the look and feel of your site.

  • Social integration

    Social Integration

    Highlight your church's social presence in various ways on your site, or add your own social integrations to make sharing easy.

Customer service

Real, genuine customer support.

Be assured - we are real people and we're here to take care of you and provide honest, helpful support. If you call us, email us, smoke-signal us, whatever — you will talk to someone who knows and loves Clover, and knows and loves the church. We are ready to help with pretty much anything you could throw at us. Promise.

Here's the whole enchilada.

If you're looking for something specific or comparing us to other web solutions, here's a list of every feature that Clover offers. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

Beautiful Websites

  • Current Site Designs

    No matter what look you choose for your website, you'll always get a site design that's beautifully crafted, and easy to navigate on any device.

  • Customize your website

    When you purchase a website from Clover, it comes with all the tools you'll need to create a website that perfectly matches the look and feel of your ministry.

  • Motion-enhanced Scrolling

    You can enable parallax scrolling in any site design, to bring more depth and motion to your website experience as you scroll.

  • Built for mobile

    All of our websites are natively responsive, which means that your content will automatically flow and fit naturally on each page. That way, it looks amazing and is easy to read whether you're on a laptop, a smartphone, or tablet.

Instant Access

  • Get started immediately

    Once you've completed your purchase, you can start working on your website right away.

  • Launch when you want

    We've made the launch process really simple - no dealing with IT or waiting around.

The Greenhouse

  • No experience necessary

    Clover Sites was originally created with a specific person in mind: Sandy, a 65-year old admin. Like Sandy, you don't need to know anything about the Internet or be "tech savvy" to design a beautiful website and keep it updated - we've already got you covered.

  • Easy Mode

    You shouldn't have to be a programmer to make a great website. Designing your site in Easy Mode allows you to create a website without any distractions or complications.

  • Advanced Mode

    If you've done this before (or just need a little more customization) you can switch to Advanced Mode in The Greenhouse to access even more options and fine-tuning controls.

  • Unlimited pages

    Add as many pages to your website as you want. There's no limit to what you can create and you'll never pay more just because you need a few more pages.

  • Edit anywhere

    Since the Greenhouse is web-based, you can sign in to your website from any computer with internet access to make the changes you need - whenever and wherever you want.

  • Completely Visual Editing

    As you make changes in The Greenhouse, you can see exactly how they'll look on your live website, whether you're working with text, photos, or anything else. Unlike a lot of web solutions, your site won't suddenly look different after you click "Save".

  • Reliable Autosaving

    Don’t worry about saving your work - your progress is automatically captured as you edit. We even save a copy of your most recent update that has been published to the site.

  • Manage your updates

    With a lot of web products, any changes you make are instantly public, which doesn't give you a lot of control. With Clover Sites, you can create and edit to get things just right, and those changes can't be seen by anyone else until you publish them.

Section-Based Design

  • Sections vs. Pages

    Page-based editing is standard in Easy Mode, for those who want to keep things simple. But now, in Advanced Mode, you can add unlimited sections of new content to any of your pages - giving you an incredible amount of freedom to expand and customize.

  • Section-Based Editing

    By using sections to build your website, we've introduced a simple way to expand your content. Adding, removing or editing sections on your page is beautifully visual, and you can rearrange them at any time by just dragging and dropping.

  • Unlimited Sections

    There is literally no limit to how many sections you can have on one page, which gives you a ton of creative freedom to make your site truly unique.

  • List Sections

    With the list section, you can quickly create structured areas for your site that are perfect for showing your staff members, ministry updates, resources, and much more.

  • Gallery Sections

    Using this type of section is the ideal way to create high-impact, promotional slideshows on your site - great for advertising important news and updates. Every aspect is under your control, from the images displayed to the speed of the transitions.

  • Text & Photo Sections

    In these sections, you can add images and text in a way that looks great and is simple to edit. There are multiple layouts to choose from, and they are unique to each site design.

  • Donation Sections

    In order to make online giving on your website as simple as possible, we've added a section that allows you to quickly link to a donation form.

Photo Editor

  • Natural editing

    With our new editor, you can use any photo for your website, and quickly resize it so it looks exactly the way you want - without needing any outside help.

  • Easy uploading

    Drag and drop images from your computer directly into your website's photo album. You can even upload multiple photos together, to quickly get everything uploaded.

  • Image Processing

    Any photo you upload to your website is automatically processed and optimized at many different sizes, including for retina (high-resolution) displays. This means your photos will load quickly and look crisp and clear — even on the most modern screens.

  • Unique photo areas

    We've designed each website with photo areas of all shapes and sizes. Even with a variety of different styles, you'll always see exactly how your photos are going to look on your website as you edit them.

Text Editor

  • Handcrafted editor

    We've designed a completely custom text editor, built from scratch, to create the best possible text editing experience.

  • Simple editing

    Only the most essential text controls are shown by default, allowing you to change your text's size, make it bold, underlined, italic, create bulleted lists and add links.

  • Expanded controls

    We've included additional options - including changing the color of your text, adding numbered lists, choosing fonts, and adjusting the spacing between letters just to name a few. You can even dive into the HTML if you need code-level customization.

  • Create links

    Besides linking to other websites, email addresses, or other pages on your site, we also give you easy ways to link directly to content - like a video or a document.

  • Customize HTML

    Our text editor now includes a feature where you can edit the HTML to make code-level changes to your text's layout and content.

  • Embedding

    Videos and other interactive content from third-party sites can be pasted directly into any text area and will appear instantly on your page - no knowledge of code required.

  • Social Media

    We've made highlighting your ministry's social media presence simple with social icons you can use anywhere on your site. You can also use third-party sharing tools, embed Twitter feeds, and so much more.


  • Color Palettes

    Every site design includes numerous color palettes, created and fine-tuned by our designers, letting you change the entire look and feel of your site with a single click.

  • Sub-Palettes

    In Advanced Mode, you can choose from automatically generated sub-palettes on a per section basis. This helps you create cohesive color schemes across all pages of your site.

  • Custom Colors

    You can create your own unique color combinations to dramatically change the look and feel of your entire website, or just change one or two colors to better match your brand.

  • Clearly presented content

    Using our own completely custom algorithms, we've ensured that no matter which colors you choose, your website's content looks great and is always readable.


  • Font Palettes

    Each site design comes with a variety of font palettes, that we've created and tuned to each site design to help you create just the right look with minimal effort. When you switch font palettes, the changes occur instantly so you can see what you like best.

  • Custom Fonts

    By choosing custom fonts, you can decide what the text will look like across your website - including the headers, body text, buttons and more.

  • Font Styles

    You can control specific font styling on a site-wide level, which lets you make your fonts italic, change the spacing between letters, and apply many more changes.

The Dashboard

  • Your Control Center

    From the Dashboard, you can set up your account, update your information, launch your website and much more.

  • Manage additional websites

    Manage any website you have access to, from one Dashboard. Just use the same Clover ID when you purchase or accept an invitation to edit.

  • Multiple Users

    Invite others to help edit or create your website with their own login. You can even control the amount of access each person has to your site.

  • Google Analytics

    By setting up a Google Analytics account in the Dashboard for your website, you can track statistics such as how many views your site has received.

Fast and Reliable Service

  • High-Availability Servers

    We manage dozens of servers, provide frequent website backups, and protect your website’s database from corruption. We’ve averaged 99.99% uptime during our entire time in business so you can count on your website being available for your congregation 24/7.

  • Cloud-Based CDN

    Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) keeps all of your assets in the Cloud and as geographically near to you as possible so delivery of your content is fast and efficient.

  • Unlimited Storage

    Clover Sites now offers unlimited storage, so you can add as many pages, videos or other media on your site without ever having to pay more or ask us for additional space.

Search Engines Love Us

  • SEO optimized

    Nearly every word and image on your website can be found through search engines, such as Google. And since all of your pages have been given search-friendly URLs, your website is optimized to be found easily and quickly.

  • Always up to standard

    Every Clover website uses valid HTML, CSS and is optimized for SEO - we keep everything running up to standard while always staying mindful of using the best practices according to Google, which makes searching for your website simple.

  • Customize your SEO settings

    While the Greenhouse handles the technical side of your SEO logistics, you have complete control over the creative side - including the title's of your pages for easier search accessibility.

  • Reliable servers

    Google also ranks your site based on how fast your website loads. We've worked really hard with our server configuration, the code itself and with caching to make sure your website loads as quickly as possible and keeps you ranked high.

Responsive Design

  • Made for Any Device

    All of our websites are natively responsive, which means your content flows and fits naturally and is presented clearly on any device.

  • Optimized for Mobile

    Everything is designed to load quickly and work smoothly on any mobile device. You can even customize the gallery section to display unique images just for mobile devices.

  • Automatically Perfect

    You don’t have to worry about how your site will look or function on tablets, phones, or the latest high-resolution screens. We’ve made sure you can edit once in the greenhouse, and it all just works and looks beautiful everywhere.

Customer Service

  • We're here to help

    We have a great team who's ready to talk. If you don't believe us, give them a call and see for yourself - they would love to chat and answer any questions you may have. Customer Relations can be reached Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm (Pacific Time) at 805-527-8900, or email us at

  • No automated "assistance"

    Every time you call for support a real, living person who loves Clover and genuinely loves the church will pick up the phone. We truly want to help!

  • New Help Center

    If you'd like to learn at your own pace we've created an expansive help center that covers every little thing about Clover Sites. Feel free to hop on anytime and use it as a resource!

  • Recommended resources

    Clover makes integrating 3rd party tools into your website simple and is compatible with hundreds of options. Feel free to call us if you have specific questions or need recommendations.