Add Ons - Websites

Logo Design Options

Work with one of our designers to create a logo that embodies the mission and values of your ministry.


Logo Color Update

3 Color Updates

We will take your current logo and provide three new color options to choose from. This is a great way to get an quick update.


Logo Refresh

1 Directions + 2 Revisions

We work with you to bring out the best of your current logo, give it a fresh update. We’ll rework the design, fonts and colors.


Custom Logo Package 1

3 Directions + 2 Revisions

Three unique design options will be presented. Once a direction is chose, we will make revisions to get it just right.​


Custom Logo Package 2

6 Directions + 2 Revisions

Six unique design options will be presented. Once a direction is chose, we will work with you on two revisions.


With your logo complete we’ll ensure you get these standard files so you can effectively use your logo in both print and electronic communications.





Some of our Logo Designs

Walnut Street Christian School
salem grace
Real life
Christ International

Color Consultation

What's Included

Work with one of our designers to get your site colors and fonts looking great.


Color Consultation

2 Color Palette Options

Based on your completed color questionnaire, our designer will create two unique color palettes for your website.

Color Consultation Examples

Website Strategy

Build a Solid Plan for Your Website​

When you come to a web build project, you will likely find that it’s more work than you anticipated. Maybe you feel like you’re in over your head. How do we draw people into our story? What is the best way to organize your content? How do you reach visitors and members at the same time?

It doesn’t have to be stressful!

At Clover we offer services to help you strategize your web build to ensure you accomplish your goals online. Start a Strategy Project and get the plan your church or nonprofit needs to build an engaging website. Strategy gives you a scalable plan and the confidence that your site is making a lasting first impression.

4 Bedrock Principles for Your Website

When you enter into a Strategy Project, our specialists will walk you through four communication best practice principles that will ensure your web build is moving in the right direction.

Your Story

Know what you’re communicating about your church.

Your People

Consider your audience’s user experience and content needs.

Your Tools

Make sure you have the theme and layouts you need to succeed online.

Your Plan

Review the custom site map for your new site.

Packages & Plans


Quick Start

QSP consists of two one-hour strategy calls, followed by one thirty-minute pre-launch review. The first one-hour strategy call covers Your Story and Your People. This skips Your Tools, and the second one-hour call focuses on Your Plan (site map review).

It is ideal for churches whose pastoral staff is 2-4, who would benefit from basic best practice guidance. Also good for churches who want to jumpstart their web build.




This project includes four one-hour strategy calls, covering all four aspects, and allows the strategist to go in-depth to discover techniques to elevate your church’s success online.

This package is ideal for a midsized church with a web build team of 2-5 that is deploying a theme.



Pro Strategy

This project includes four one-hour strategy calls, and goes more in-depth to provide core messaging language, as well as a detailed site map with section-by-section guidance for key pages. Strategist will conduct a prelaunch audit to ensure success of key pages.

This is ideal for a large or multi-campus church with a web build team of 2-5 (typically led by a Comms Director) that is deploying a custom website.


Website Strategy

Coaching for Extraordinary Websites to Benefit your Church

Creating a beautiful website that gets ministry results is actually quite simple when you take the right approach. By partnering with a website coach, we take the stress out of strategic thinking and website design. We empower your ability by pairing you with a dedicated website coach to teach you the “how-to’s” of website design.

Website Coaching Gives You Confidence in Answering These Questions

During your Discovery Session, your discussion with your Web Specialist will lay the foundation for building your unique site map.

As Your Web Specialist learns about your Mission and Vision, you will be guided with best practices for increasing outreach and volunteers.

With our guided approach, you wont need to guess how to use the site design features to create a stunning website. We will share our screen with you and walk you through editing and design.

You are not alone in your pursuit of website success! Whether its using our Prayer Cloud or Sermon Cloud Features, we will help you get the most out of your website integrations!

Your Best Path to Success Includes Partnering With us!

Standard Onboarding

Help Yourself Path

Supported by the Support Team

Strategic Website Coaching

The Hands-On Guided Path

Supported by your Designated Website Church

Coaching Session 1

Discovery & Product Review

Get to know your new Website Coach and help them learn more about your church/organization and website needs.

Coaching Session 2

Dashboard, Site Set Up &
Site Map

Implement your custom site map to build out your pages and subpages. Learn how to setup and edit your global site colors and fonts.

Coaching Session 3

Site Design & Site Integrations

Learn how to Customize and Design your website content, sections and pages. Discuss livestreaming options, Social Media Connections as well as Sermon and Event integrations.

Coaching Session 4

Optimizing for Mobile, Site Review & Site Launch

Review Your Mobile Display Settings, Design Elements, and Launch Your Site With Ease, alongside Your Website Coach.