20 Amazing Church Website Templates and Themes

When someone first visits a website, they form a first impression within 50 milliseconds. This means that you have less than a second to draw someone into your church website. It also means that there is no such thing as being too picky when it comes to choosing a church website template. Here are 20 churches that have taken one of our Clover templates, customized it, and drawn visitors in through quality design and content. Take a look at how a church website theme could work for you!

1. Redemption Mount Holly

Church Website Template: Dusk

Redemption Mount Holly

Using Dusk, Redemption Mount Holly is able to communicate who they are in a visually appealing way. Their use of sections combined with parallax scrolling gives viewers cues as to where they should focus. Not only that, but this church website theme is dynamic and powerful, and Redemption Mount Holly has done a great job of making it their own.

2. Grace Community Church

Church Website Template: Majesty

Grace Community Church

Majesty was created to be distinguished and clear. This is very evident in the way that Grace Community has put the next steps directly in the top section. Now, when visitors land here, they can easily decide which of the next steps is best for them.

3. Bethel Church AK

Church Website Template: Voyage

Bethel Church AK

Clean and minimalistic, Bethel Church utilizes Voyage as a church website theme that matches their culture. Their homepage shows images of who they are and communicates worship information, expectations, and events.

4. The Neighborhood Church

Church Website Template: Hope

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 3.18.29 PM

The Neighborhood Church uses Hope as a church website theme and transforms it into a modern picture of who they are as a church. With only one section below this main image, their site is simple and clean. Not only that, but the hamburger style menu in the top allows for navigation to be easily accessed without taking up valuable space.

5. Rosehill Church

Church Website Template: Anthem

Rosehill Church

Anthem is one of the most versatile church website themes out there. It can be clean and simple like Rosehill Church, or it can be dynamic and bold. Rosehill Church has made great use of the full-width banner and centered logo to communicate who they are.

6. Redwood Christian

Church Website Template: Solstice

Redwood Christian-1

Space and openness give website visitors the freedom to move around, explore, and learn more. Redwood Christian has used Solstice for this very purpose. On their site, visitors feel free to explore while still be guided with clear navigation and next steps.

7. Vineyard Cleveland

Church Website Template: Zion

Vineyard Cleveland

Dark and light is a Biblical principle that Vineyard Cleveland applies so beautifully to their site. Zion makes it easy for churches to add sections and content that are adjustable, modern, and branded.

8. Redeemer Church

Church Website Template: Bloom


Below their full-width hero image, there is a section of these four icons pointing to four different pages. For Redeemer Church, this is visually appealing, clean, and made possible through Bloom.

9. Versailles Baptist

Church Website Template: Dusk

Versailles Baptist

Dusk proves to be the perfect church website theme for Versailles Baptist Church. They’ve chosen to use the scrolling banner section to communicate upcoming events, point people to online giving, and link to their live streaming page. This allows viewers to easily find information before ever having to scroll.

10. Life Church

Church Website Template: Majesty

Life Church

Life Church does an amazing job of guiding website visitors to take the next steps, appealing visually, and creating a movement that is anything but overwhelming. This church website theme allows each church to make it their very own.

11. Harbor Trinity

Church Website Template: Voyage

Harbor Trinity

Harbor Trinity clearly thought through what site visitors are looking for and ensured they can easily find it. Using Voyage, they have created sections that ask direct questions which point to the next step. This is both effective and appealing to every website visitor.

12: Christ Fellowship

Church Website Template: Hope

Christ Fellowship

One word, a logo, and a hamburger style menu are all that the viewer sees when they first arrive on Christ Fellowship Church’s homepage. Each item is intentional. This church website theme allows churches to be intentional and is perfect for churches who know their mission and seek to communicate it clearly and simply.

13. OKC First

Church Website Template: Anthem

OKC First

OKC First is a church that needed navigation that could support their multiple ministries and events that happen there. Anthem was a perfect choice as it has not only a clear menu, but also a submenu that is defined, easy to access, and appealing.

14. Church on the Hill

Church Website Template: Zion

Church On The Hill

This church website theme has made it easy for Church on the Hill to add color, have a clear menu, and include big, bold images. Visitors can learn quickly who they are, when services are held, and how to get there.

15. Valley Metro Church

Church Website Template: Bloom

Valley Metro Church

Rectangles and circles are the perfect combinations in this church website theme. Valley Metro has used them to display their worship service and provide next steps to everyone.

16. Judah Church

Church Website Template: Majesty

Judah Church

Bold and beautiful, Majesty was the perfect church website theme choice for Judah Church. Their bright and distinguished branding shines through with the full-width orange homepage banner, centered logo, and clean lines of the navigation. This is a church that makes visitors want to attend simply through the information on their homepage.

17. Calvary Church

Church Website Template: Bloom

Calvary Church

Calvary Church uses the Bloom theme and created a website that is fun and engaging. Their background video and their homepage content do a great job of welcoming visitors and introducing them to the church and its mission.

18. Living Hope

Church Website Template: Voyage

Living Hope

When visitors first arrive on Living Hope’s site, it’s easy to see the continuation of their brand throughout the page using their signature green color, angled lines, and hexagonal shapes. Voyage is a church website theme that was intentionally created to be fluid and dynamic, and this continuity is perfect for Living Hope.

19. Harvest Fellowship

Church Website Template: Anthem

Harvest Fellowship

When a church website visitor first arrives on a homepage, they are usually looking to quickly and easily take the next step. Harvest Fellowship recognizes the need to “plug-in” and has made it simple to learn more about small groups, listen online, and find out more. Anthem’s versatility and use of sections made this both possible and effective.

20. Encounter Church

Church Website Template: Zion

Encounter Church

Modern, bold, and defined, this site has it all. Using Zion as a church website theme, Encounter Church has created sections that match their branding, guide visitors through the next steps, and make a statement about who they are and what you can expect at their church.

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