7 Things Every Church Website “About Us” Page Should Have

When you first visit a church website, what is the first page that you click on? Events? Staff? Ministries? Something else? According to a study of 3.6 million page views done by The Church Co, after the homepage, the “about us” page is the most looked at page on church websites. If that doesn’t make you want to login to your church website builder and start editing your about page ASAP, I don’t know what will. Make sure your “about us” page delivers what people are looking for. Content is king, and it’s crucial to be strategic with the content on this page so you can attract more guests and make a greater impact for the Kingdom of God.

We’ve studied numerous “about us” pages and have come up with seven important things every church website “about us” page should have. However, before we jump in, we want to first encourage you to think through your audience.

Who Should Your “About Us” Page Target?

Before you start adding content to your church website’s “about us”page, take a step back and ask yourself, “Who is this page trying to reach?” The simple answer? Guests.

You’re not building this page to help members move into maturity, or for your staff to be able to grab quotes for their bios. This page needs to be designed specifically with visitors in mind. Take that mindset and examine everything with that lens in place. Or, as a bonus, once your “about us” page is designed, find an actual church visitor to walk through the page with you. Encourage them to ask questions and be honest about content that may be missing or misleading.

7 Things to Include on Your Church Website’s
“About Us” Page

Now that you’re thinking through the eyes of a guest, it’s time to dive into content. Here are seven things your “about us” page needs to include.

1. Church History

Don’t go crazy here. Visitors don’t need to know every detail of your church’s history, but it is important to include a brief history with significant events (pastor changes, moves, name changes, etc.) marked.

2. Mission and Vision Statements

This should speak for itself, but when visitors arrive on this page, they are looking for who you are and what you are about. These statements should answer those questions. For more on how to write the perfect mission and vision statement, check out the linked articles.

3. A “Plan Your Visit” Section

Oftentimes, church website visitors are there to learn more and plan a visit to your church. Make it easy for them and include a section all about planning a visit. This should include information about what to expect, how to dress, parking, entrances, childcare, and even a list of FAQs. Be thorough but concise.

4. Location and Times

According to a study done by Grey Matter, 43 percent of church website visitors looked for the time of service. Knowing this, make your service times clear and easy to find. It’s also important to include your address and directions to get to your building. Bonus if you can include an interactive map!

5. A Link to Your Staff Page

The “about us” page of your church website doesn’t need a full bio for every staff member included, but it does need a link to your staff page. This page is often a next step after the “about us” page, so you want to make it easy for visitors to find.

6. Membership Information

Next, be sure to include a small section about membership information. How can people join your church? Consider making this section concise and skimmable. If you require a membership class, be sure that information is kept up-to-date.

7. Social Links

Lastly, every church website’s “about us” page needs links to their social media accounts. Having these links will encourage visitors to share this page for their friends, and will also let visitors know what social accounts you have. It’s a subtle way of encouraging them to follow you and stay connected.

Final Thoughts

Once you have perfected the content of your “about us” page, make sure that the link to it on your homepage is easy to find. Because so many people are looking for this page, it should have a prominent position on your homepage. This could be a link in the header, a section above the fold, or maybe both.

Next Steps

If you’re looking to update your “about us” page, or your whole church website for that matter, be sure to check out Clover Sites.

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