8 Fun Summer Church Activities

Summer is here! Schools are taking a break for the season, families are going on vacation, and sunshine is hitting our backs. With warm weather for the next couple of months, it’s the perfect time to plan some fun summer church activities.

Many churches experience a drop in engagement during the summer. One way to keep people connected but also appreciate the season is to plan events for your churchgoers to enjoy. Create fun, fellowship-focused events. Invite your church family and the nearby communities!

Check out these eight fun ideas to try:

1.      Beach Day

Bust out the beach towels and sand toys and enjoy a day at the beach with your congregation. Grill hotdogs and hamburgers, have sandwiches catered, or make it a simple potluck. People can swim, play outdoor games, or just relax in their beach chairs and hang out with others.

2.      BBQ

Why not take advantage of the summer season with some good ol’ barbeque? You can provide the grilled deliciousness or even host a cook-off. Everybody loves food, so invite everyone you can think of to come out and enjoy the day. Encourage people to bring a side dish.

3.      Summer Movie Night

One fun summer thing to do is to host a summer movie night. Get a projector and a screen or large, blank wall on the side of your church. Have people bring their blankets and lawn chairs. Provide movie-time snacks like popcorn and candy. You could even treat this like a fundraiser, with concession money going toward a specific ministry or project your church is passionate about.

4.      Water Day

Use a large grass area at your church or a nearby park for a wet and wild water day. You can get as extravagant as you want or keep it simple. Rent bouncy water slides or have water stations with different activities. You could include a water balloon fight, an obstacle course, and fun sprinklers. Shaved ice or popsicles are always a great addition to water days too.

5.      Outreach/Service Project

Get your church members involved in the community by hosting a service project this summer. Find something that needs to be done in your neighborhood and organize an outreach event. Clean up the park, paint a school building, and pick up trash. Wherever there is a need in your city, go meet it. Encourage people to sign up to volunteer and make a difference.

6.      Outdoor Worship Night

Summer is the perfect time to have an outdoor worship night. Start a bonfire on the beach or at a campsite and invite people to come worship. Have an acoustic set with a guitar and box drum where everybody can sing along. Then, break out the s’mores ingredients and have dessert together around the fire!

7.      Hike or Bike Ride

Create a hiking or biking group and go on weekly adventures. Or make it a one-time event. Whatever you decide, people will appreciate the great outdoors while getting in a little exercise at the same time. You could even have different groups depending on who is interested. One group for families with kids, another group for just adults, etc. The point is, find some trails and have fun!

8.      Garage Sale

Another great way to raise funds for your church or a community project is to host a church-wide garage sale. Have everybody bring items they no longer want or need. This is a great outreach opportunity too because many people from the community will most likely show up to purchase items. You could even have a booth or table set up for people to ask questions, get more info about your church, or offer prayer.

Use Your Church Website to Promote Summer Church Events

Your website is the perfect place to help promote all the exciting opportunities your church has available this summer. Clover Sites has great layouts designed specifically with the Church in mind. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you expand your reach this summer.

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