Easily make a website that reflects
the unique people you serve.

Easily make a website
that reflects the unique
people you serve.

First things first...

Choose a site design that you like.

Each site design has the same core features, but their look and feel are uniquely different.
Try everything out, including adding your own content to find the design that best represents your ministry.

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Have questions about Clover Sites 3?

Take a look at our features page to learn more.

We've done our best to highlight some of the best things about our newest version of Clover Sites.
From these beautiful front-end site designs, to our incredible content management system, we got it all!

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Want some more design options?

Choose a site design from our Clover Sites Classic Collection.

All of our Classic site designs are made in Flash, and come with a simple and straight-forward mobile site.
These site designs will come with our original Greenhouse site editor, so be sure to test drive everything!

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Get some help finding your fit.

We get it- there are a ton of decisions to make, and adding more choices can hurt rather than help sometimes.
We have a staff of real people who would love to help you navigate through this process... So let us help!

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