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Easily make a website that reflects
the unique people you serve.

Easily make a website
that reflects the unique
people you serve.

First things first...

Choose a site design that you like.

Each site design has the same core features, but their look and feel are uniquely different.
Try everything out, including adding your own content to find the design that best represents your ministry.

  • dusk

    Dusk was designed and built to make it easy for your church to be dynamic and compelling. Use sections to arrange your images, lists, forms, and all your church website content. Let Dusk help your church communicate with power and clarity.

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  • majesty

    Created to be distinguished and impressive, Majesty contains new layouts, features, and designs that provide more options than ever for churches looking to make a site their own.

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  • voyage

    Reaching across the boundaries of sections, Voyage provides a beautifully dynamic, fluid experience as you browse. It was designed to be extremely flexible, while remaining purposeful and structured in its approach to help you tell your story.

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  • hope

    Clean and open, Hope is perfect for sites with prominent text sections. Line accents, photo collages, a mobile-style navigation and special headers make this one of our more modern designs.

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  • august

    This site design is perfect for those who want to make their message prominent and distractions to a minimum.

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  • aurora

    Designed with the modern church in mind, Aurora allows you to add a blurred effect to your background photos as well as featuring a mobile-style navigation that stays out of your way until you need it.

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  • anthem

    This site design is simple and open, with a stacked style of site navigation. Because there are so many ways to make it unique, this is the Swiss Army Knife of our designs.

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  • solstice

    Open and spacious, this site design has clean lines and tons of space for content. Multiple color and font combinations look stunning on this site.

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  • zion

    This is an out of the box site design with a beautifully modern appeal. Angular shapes define and connect this particular style, while everything adjusts to the size of your content.

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  • bloom

    Incredibly approachable, Bloom looks great with rounded and rectangular image areas. Clean and open with a textured background, this site is tailored for the modern ministry.

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  • boulevard

    With strong, sharp lines and a classic approach, the left-side navigation and distinct structure of Boulevard offers a very solid and tactile feel.

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