15 Ways Churches Can Bless Moms On Mother’s Day

Spring is officially here which means that Mother’s Day is just around the corner! For churches, it’s time to gear up and plan a Mother’s Day service that will be so much more than a simple acknowledgment. Moms of all types work selflessly day in and day out to care for their families and those around them, and this is a chance as a church to honor all that they do. 

Plus, in case you haven’t noticed, being a mom is not a cakewalk. On any given Sunday morning a mom may be changing the baby’s diaper (again), wiping some sort of sticky substance (don’t ask) off the toddler’s hands, dealing with the annoyed teenager, and helping her husband to iron his “church pants.” 


So, use this opportunity to go out of your way to plan church Mother’s Day activities that truly bless the moms in your church.

Here Are 15 Church Ideas for Mother’s Day to Get You Started: 

Keep in mind that nobody knows your church quite like you do. As you craft your church Mother’s Day service and activities, plan specific things that will bless the women in your congregation. 

  1. Mom Panel Interview a few moms during your Mother’s Day church service. Have them share both the good and the challenging aspects of being a mom. Maybe have them highlight their favorite Bible verse that helps them with motherhood. 
  2. Kids Video Show a video during your church Mother’s Day service of kids telling the reasons they love their moms. Nobody can resist smiling at kids adoring their mamas. 
  3. Gifts Give special Mother’s Day gifts for all the moms in your congregation. A few examples could be:
  • Pretty flowers 
  • Gift cards to a local coffee shop or restaurant 
  • A new journal 
  • Books (we recommend Missional Motherhood by Gloria Furman
  • A cute coffee mug or tumbler 
  • Bath bombs 
  • A cookbook 
  1. Poetry Read a church Mother’s Day poem during your service. This is a great one that addresses the wide range of motherhood that exists. It can help more women feel included.  
  2. Spa Day Host a mother’s spa day church event where you provide chair massages, manicure stations, and giveaway bath salts. This could be done after the church service or even as a separate Mother’s Day event.
  3. Brunch or Luncheon Have a church Mother’s Day luncheon or breakfast where the moms don’t have to cook or clean at all! They’ll be blessed with great food and enjoy it even more without having to prepare, cook, or clean it up.
  4. Offering Take up a special Mother’s Day offering that goes towards a ministry that supports moms and children in your community.
  5. Sweets Create a chocolate or candy buffet that all moms can stop by! Provide bags or boxes and let them fill to their hearts’ content. 
  6. Food Trucks Bring in local food trucks that all the moms can eat at for free (trust us, no mom wants to cook on Mother’s Day!) 
  7. Photo Booth/Backdrop Design a pretty photo backdrop and take pictures of families together on Mother’s Day. They can have somebody take a photo for them from their phone, they can take a selfie, or you can bring in a professional photographer. Then, collect email addresses and email the photos out after the church Mother’s Day service.
  8. Kids Crafts In your kids’ Sunday school classes, have teachers create a church Mother’s Day craft for children that they can give to their moms. It’s always fun getting cute, homemade gifts from the kids. 
  9. Coffee Most moms love (and live off of) coffee! Hire a barista to make specialty coffee (lattes, mochas, etc.) for all moms. Or, if your church has a café, make all the coffee and tea drinks free for mothers.
  10. Special Song During your service, play or have your worship team sing a special Mother’s Day song for church. 
  11. Free Childcare Offer free childcare on Sunday afternoon or evening and encourage the men to take their wives out on a Mother’s Day date or give the single moms an evening to themselves.
  12. Mother’s Day Theme Promote your church Mother’s Day theme in your services, in your printed material, and on your church website. Tie everything together with a branded theme throughout your service.

Something to Remember 

Even though Mother’s Day should be a day of celebration, and you should go out of your way to bless moms during your church Mother’s Day service, it’s also a hard day for many. 

Mother’s Day can be very difficult for people who have recently lost their mom, are having fertility issues, have experienced miscarriage, or don’t have a good relationship with their mom. Don’t ignore this, instead acknowledge the pain and be ready to minister to those who need it. 

It may also be a wise idea to celebrate all women in your church in general, and not just single out the mothers. After all, women do tend to care for those around them even if they don’t have the official title of “mom.” This could also eliminate extra pain or make some feel left out.  

Next Steps 

It’s important to let both church members and visitors know that you will be celebrating Mother’s Day at your church. One of the best ways to get the word out is through your church website! 

Find out just how easy it is to create a beautiful church website with Mother’s Day themes with Clover. Clover websites help reflect your church’s mission and vision with themes that are sure to demonstrate who you are as a church. Try a free demo here. 

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